Beware of parcel phone scam: Police

SINGAPORE - Have you ever had calls from someone who claims to be from a courier company requesting for your personal information? 

The caller would say that your personal particulars is used to send parcels that contained fake passports or weapons.

If so, don't believe this tall tale. 

Local police have said in a media advisory today (April 8) that numerous people in Singapore have recently fallen prey to such a phone scam.

After getting your attention on the line, scammers would then transfer the call to another person who claims to be a customs or police officer. 

The person on the line would then ask you to provide your personal particulars such as name, identification number, address, passport number and bank account details. 

The callers would then instruct victims to call back at a designated time to ensure victim's safety, according to the police. 

The police advises members of the public to do the following if they receive such phone calls:

- Ignore the calls

- Do not provide any personal information (name, identification number, address, passport number and bank account numbers) to the callers

- Do not follow callers' instructions to call back

Those with information related to such scams are encouraged to call the police hotline at 1800-255 0000, or dial '999' for urgent police assistance.