The big question: Should retirement age be pushed to 70?

Colin Lim, 30, Civil Servant

As a working adult who is increasingly worried about the feasibility of retiring in Singapore, I don't think the retirement age should be increased to 70. Instead, more should be done to assist the elderly in terms of health care and housing.

Sinni Dollah Samari, 60, Housewife

Senior citizens should work and earn a living for themselves if they still have the strength. I see a lot of people still toiling as cleaners or hawker centre workers even at an old age. so it shouldn't be a problem if the retirement age is increased.

Ravin Kumar, 20, Polytechnic Student

While it might seem logical to push the retirement age higher due to longer life expectancies and rising costs of living, it would be counter intuitive to presume that older workers would be more productive as their age might make them more prone to health problems.

Jerome Papalie, 22, Engineer

I don't think the retirement age should be increased to 70 as most people at that age wouldn't be able to deal with the stress of working, especially in areas that require strenuous physical activity. they should have their rest at such an age and not be breaking their backs to earn a living.

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