Bike crash victim: Pursue passion but always stay safe

Bike crash victim: Pursue passion but always stay safe

He remembers his brother as the careful rider who was always ready to help and give advice.

"He would always tell his biker friends not to speed on the roads," said Mr Muhammad Ismail Haron, 34.

In a tragic accident on Wednesday, his brother, Mr Muhammad Hafiz Haron, 30, crashed and died on the Johor Circuit in Pasir Gudang.

The New Straits Times reported that Mr Hafiz was on a practice run on the 3.86km-long circuit when the accident happened.

Mr Hafiz, an Immigration & Checkpoints Authority officer, was riding his Suzuki GSX 600cc into Turn 3 of the 12-turn circuit when he lost control and crashed.

The newspaper reported that he suffered from head and neck injuries and died at the scene.

Mr Ismail said the day he was informed of his brother's death was a blur. The siblings have a sister, who is 26 years old.

"When my mother, who was crying, called and informed me, I just couldn't believe it," he said.

The allied educator rushed home from work, and drove to the Pasir Gudang race track together with his family.

There, they saw the lifeless body of Mr Hafiz in a four-wheel drive vehicle.


"I honestly cannot describe the feeling at that moment, it was just too overwhelming," Mr Ismail told The New Paper yesterday.

"My mum just broke down and she is only now just beginning to recover."

"His death is just so sudden and shocking, but I guess our fates are in God's hands," Mr Ismail added.

Since that afternoon, it has been a blur of activity for the family - all centred around settling the affairs of the late Mr Hafiz, including his funeral.

Mr Ismail said the family will be holding small prayer sessions on seven evenings for his brother.

"He was such a jovial person who doted on his family," said Mr Ismail.

"Even on that fateful morning, he was helping to send our sister to work before riding off to Johor to indulge in his passion."

Mr Ismail said Mr Hafiz had never got into a major accident in the 12 years he had been riding.

"He was always so careful on Singapore roads and he would always urge his friends to be so," he said.

Mr Ismail has a message for other bikers.

"I want to tell all bikers out there to pursue their passion, but always remember to stay safe," he said.

This article was first published on Oct 11, 2014.
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