Bizarre road encounter a scam attempt?

The accident scams in China may be making their mark here.

Adrian Choo, 44, who works in the aviation sector, told My Paper that an elderly man flung himself on the former's car bonnet in the middle of the road on Wednesday.

This happened close to 5pm along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6. Mr Choo's in-car camera recorded the incident in a 20-second clip uploaded to citizen journalism website Stomp.

In the clip, the bespectacled elderly man runs across the road and raises his hands.

Mr Choo thought the man was trying to cross the road, so he slowed down and came to a complete stop. But he was shocked when the stranger suddenly flung himself on the car's bonnet. The man is later seen in the clip removing his spectacles before getting off the bonnet and putting them back on.

Mr Choo said the stranger walked away and did not approach him. Thinking it might be a scam or that the man was of unsound mind, Mr Choo left the scene quickly. The man also seemed fine and Mr Choo did not want to hold up traffic.

His experience is similar to accident scams in China in which a perpetrator pretends to be injured, claiming that a motorist's vehicle hit him, before proceeding to claim money for insurance, said Stomp.

Police are looking into the matter.

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