Blind singer Kelvin Tan claims discrimination by Tiger Airways

SINGAPORE - Local singer Kelvin Tan has claimed that he was asked to sign an indemnity agreement with Tiger Airways, which stated that the airline would not be liable for his safety in the event of an accident or a flight delay.

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, Tan's manager Wendy said that they were checking in at Changi Airport when the singer was asked if he was fully or partially blind.

He was then asked to sign the indemnity agreement, which he did not, citing it as an act of discrimination.

While the staff at the check-in counter did not pursue the matter, Tan was again asked to sign the agreement when he was boarding his plane.

When he refused to do so for a second time, he was informed that the flight's captain wanted to speak to him.

The captain reasoned that the agreement was for Tan's own safety as the aircraft was very small and had only a few staff. Tan and Wendy were also told to board the next flight if the singer did not sign the agreement.

Tan eventually gave his signature as he did not want his trip to be delayed. He was going to attend a charity show in Macau.

But he said that he was feeling anxious throughout the flight, knowing he would not be as well looked after as the other passengers in the event of an accident.