Blogger points out NDP website security flaw

The Internet is abuzz with criticism of the National Day Parade (NDP) website over an apparent security flaw that allows hackers to steal data entered on the site. 

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AsiaOne update
: At the time of publishing this update, the post by local blogger, Lai Zit Seng, had been shared close to 1,000 times.

Mr Lai highlighted a security flaw that does not protect those who submit personal information to ballot for NDP tickets to the preview and the actual parades, potentially allowing hackers to steal sensitive data.

Another flaw will also not allow people with hyphenates, commas and other punctuation in their names to enter their information.

He also flagged errors in the website's HTML codes, the standard language used to create websites.

Some netizens who read the post have also speculated if the NDP website was created by full-time national servicemen who are are amateur web designers.