Blogger Roy Ngerng fined $1,900 for disrupting YMCA event at Hong Lim Park

SINGAPORE - Blogger Roy Ngerng pleaded guilty on Wednesday to being a public nuisance and organising a demonstration without approval.

According to local media reports, the 33-year-old was fined a total of $1,900 for both offences, which were committed at Hong Lim park on Sep 27, 2014.

Ngerng, blogger Han Hui Hui and four others, held a #ReturnOurCPF protest rally at the same time YMCA was holding a charity carnival for children with special needs.

According to earlier reports, the six and at least 20 others marched four times around the vicinity of the YMCA event and shouted loudly, chanting slogans, waving flags and blowing whistles loudly.

Deputy Public Prosecutor John Lu said the group "became more emotive" when Minister of State Teo Ser Luck arrived for the event at about 4.50pm.

Earlier reports stated that application to use the park was first received from YMCA and approval was given on Sep 9 last year. Ms Han's application was received on Sep 22 and approval was granted to her on the same day.

National Parks (NParks) demarcated and allocated space for both events.

A joint statement from NParks and the police stated that Ms Han did not heed to their advice to speak at the allocated space and "encroached into the YMCA event area".

Ngerng is the second of six protestors facing the public nuisance charge to plead guilty, reported The Straits Times.

The first protestor, Ms Chua Siew Leng, 43, admitted to the charge in March and was fined $300.

A joint trial will be held next week for the other four protestors.