Blogger slammed for calling NS a 'slavery system'

He posted a rant about national service, which has sparked a mountain of reactions online.

Blogger Alvin Lim, 33, wrote a post on his popular blog ( last Friday, about how he was “very sick and tired” of the NS system which he calls a “slavery system”.

Even after 12 years from completing his NS, Mr Lim, a full-time digital and social media strategist, complained that he still has to fulfil NS commitments such as the annual physical fitness tests.

“In the meantime, I am subjected to a silly schoolboy hair check at least once a year when I get called back for in-camp training. Not that I like keeping long hair, but I would at least like to have the option to make that decision myself instead of having Mindef and SAF dictate that for me into my middle age,” he wrote.

“Not everybody likes being soldiers or takes well to regimentation. Two plus years in the army was more than enough for me.”


Adding that “not everybody is born fit”, he said: “My health and my fitness are my own choices in life which I prefer to take my own responsibility for.”

His other peeves include Mindef sending him warning letters every time he forgets to notify them of an overseas trip and regular “birthday wish” SMSes from Mindef to remind him to take his IPPT or risk getting charged.

“You are always the first to wish me happy birthday without fail each year and spoil my mood for the day,” he said.

Mr Lim ended the post with how he still loves the country, but added that if he chooses to migrate one day, it would be because of Mindef.

His post has garnered more than 100,000 page views and has been shared more than 8,000 times on Facebook in just a couple of days.

While some netizens agreed with him, most criticised him.

One person pointed out that Mr Lim’s post had ignored all the benefits of NS and the subsequent NSmen (reservist) period where “very close friendships are forged”.

Others said regimentation was a good trait to have in life, not just in the army. In a follow-up post on Monday, Mr Lim clarified some points but added that the concept of nation before self was not realistic.

“If you found a loaf of bread during a famine and you know your wife and son as well as the soldiers defending your land are starving to death, would you give the bread to the soldiers because you believe in nation before self?

Let yourself, your wife and son starve to death because the nation is more important? Seriously?”

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