Body found in oil drum

Investigators in Malaysia who were looking into the murder of a woman allegedly involved in a drug dispute stumbled upon another murder victim.

The first victim, a woman, had been shot dead. The second victim's body was found in an oil drum.

The discovery was made when two of the six suspects arrested for the woman's murder led the police to a palm oil plantation in Negeri Sembilan.

There, the police came across an oil drum that was filled with cement and had been left on a slope in the plantation, China Press reported.

The police cut open the drum and found the corpse of a man.

He is believed to be a businessman who had been missing in Kuala Lumpur for three months and was allegedly kidnapped and murdered.

The drum had to be lifted from a 6m-deep slope using a crane, the report said.

The police were unable to extricate the body at the scene and had to move the drum to the morgue.

Even though the police did not reveal the identity of the victim, it is believed that he is Mr Xie Jinfa, 46.


Kuala Lumpur Deputy Criminal Investigation Department Director Khairi Ahrasa said that following interrogation of the suspects, they confessed to murdering both the woman and the businessman.

The 29-year-old woman, who is an odd-job worker, was allegedly shot in the temple by the suspects after a drug dispute.

The woman, who is separated from her husband, has an 11-month-old son.

She last contacted her family on Feb 28, the day before she went missing, China Press added.

The case will be jointly investigated by the police in Kuala Lumpur and Negeri Sembilan.

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