Body of man found in Pearls Centre's abandoned car park

SINGAPORE - The body of a man was found inside the car park of Pearls Centre yesterday.

According to Lianhe Zaobao, police were on the scene for over nine hours yesterday.

The man was supposedly in his 40s, and dark-skinned.

The Chinese daily reported that the police received a report about the body at 1.16pm yesterday.

The body was found at the 11th storey of the building in Eu Tong Sen Street. Paramedics who arrived on the scene pronounced the man dead later.

The newspaper said that the sections of the car park in the building above the seventh storey had been closed previously, and no cars were allowed in. It's understood that the closed sections of the car park are not illuminated and are usually in pitch darkness at night.

The man was lying on the floor face up when found. He was surrounded by brown glass fragments, likely of beer bottles, Zaobao reported.

As the building houses several night clubs and bars, there are frequently people who loiter and drink in the abandoned sections of the car park, said some people familiar with the place.

The police has classified the case as unnatural death.