Body-in-suitcase: Police take suspects back to crime scenes

SINGAPORE - A video that Shin Min Daily News put up on its Facebook page shows how a suspect in the Syed Alwi murder case led police to the location where the victim's severed legs were found - a Muslim cemetery in the vicinity of Jalan Kubor, just off Victoria Street.

Ramzan Rizwan, 25, pointed the police to key areas within the cemetery. The victim's legs were found in a second luggage - believed to be newly-bought.

Pakistani Muhammad Noor's legless body was found along Syed Alwi Road on June 11 at around 6pm. It was stuffed in a luggage bag.

An 81-year-old rag-and-bone man found the blood-soaked luggage and alerted the police.

The police, mobilising over 100 officers, established the identity of the suspects in the case, according to Lianhe Wanbao.

Ramzan Rizwan, 25, and Rasheed Muhammad, 43, were arrested within 21 hours of the police being alerted to the case. They have been charged with murder.

The men and victim are believed to have been friends.

The suspects were brought back to the crime scenes - the hostel they put up in at 6 Rowell Road, the area where the upper body was found, and the cemetery where the legs were dumped - at separate times.

The police also brought the suspects to Veerasamy Road, where a handsaw was believed to have been purchased from a hardware shop there, reported The Straits Times.

According to Wanbao, it is believed that the suspects ditched the first luggage bag containing the body near a fruit stall at Syed Alwi Road as it was too heavy.

They then carried the lighter bag containing the legs and walked 15 minutes to the cemetery to dispose of it.

The body had fresh blood stains and no signs of decomposition when found - indicating that the murder occurred very recently.

The police left the cemetery after about three hours.

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