Botanic Gardens submits bid to become first Singapore Unesco World Heritage Site

The Singapore Botanic Gardens has submitted its bid to become the country's first Unesco World Heritage Site.

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The Botanic Gardens, National Heritage Board (NHB) and National Parks Board released a joint statement on Tuesday:

Singapore's first bid for a UNESCO World Heritage Site moves ahead with the submission of the Singapore Botanic Gardens' (SBG) official Nomination Dossier to UNESCO. The dossier details the Gardens' historical, economic and socio-cultural importance. It also includes a proposed site management plan, which outlines the nation's long-term commitment towards the Gardens' protection, if it is successfully awarded World Heritage status.

This submission follows a 4-month public consultation process led by the National Heritage Board (NHB) and the National Parks Board (NParks).

Over the four months, more than 200 feedback submissions were received for both the Nomination Document and the Site Management Plan, with most participants contributing memories or pledging their support for the bid. Most fondly recalled their visits to the Gardens, the band performances, feeding of the swans, as well as the romantic walks. More information on the bid can be found at

Dr Nigel Taylor, Director of SBG, said: "Over the last two years, much thought and effort have been put into the preparation for Singapore's first bid. We are heartened that the Gardens has an important place in the hearts of many Singaporeans, and are grateful to the many volunteers and community groups who have voiced their support for the bid. Together with these groups, we are committed to continue working together to conserve the living heritage of the Gardens for our future generations to enjoy"

Mrs Rosa Daniel, CEO of the National Heritage Board said: "This submission - a first for Singapore - marks a significant milestone in our bid to inscribe Singapore's first UNESCO World Heritage Site. We greatly appreciate the feedback, memories and support received through the consultation process. They are testament to how Singaporeans are passionate enough about our heritage and wish to be involved in the process. I believe that with the support shown and feedback given, we have put up a strong case for this bid."

Process after Submission of Nomination Dossier An assessment of the Gardens will be conducted by an international advisory body and their recommendations will subsequently be presented to the World Heritage Committee.

The Committee will then deliberate on the nomination and decide if the Gardens is worthy of inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

UNESCO's decision on SBG's nomination could be received as early as June 2015.

A copy of the submitted Nomination Dossier can be downloaded from the following link:

Upcoming Activities

The rich heritage of the Singapore Botanic Gardens will continue to be shared through a myriad of activities organised by NParks and NHB, including learning journeys for students, musical performances, and an exhibition focusing on the use of plants in the Malay culture.

In March 2014, NHB will present More Than a Garden at the National Museum of Singapore. This exhibition will trace the progress of Singapore from a colony to a garden city through the historical development of the Gardens, and the important roles the Gardens played in the development of our nation and the region.