Boy confesses to killing schoolmate who rejected him

Connecticut, US - The joyous anticipation of prom night at Jonathan Law High School in Milford last Friday was horribly crushed by the murder of one of the school's brightest and popular students earlier that morning.

Maren Sanchez, a talented student with deep involvement in the school's varied activities, was fatally stabbed by schoolmate and friend, Chris Plaskon, apparently after she rejected his offer of being her prom date. She had already found someone else to attend the event, and was said to have only a platonic relationship with Plaskon.

Plaskon, 16, admitted to the killing this week while in police custody. He is currently being assessed psychologically. He is said to have told a friend he wanted to harm himself recently. Because of his age, he is likely to be charged for murder later as an adult.Thousands of students and residents in the area held a candlelight vigil to honour Sanchez earlier this week. Many remembered her sunny disposition, and ever-ready smiles and kind words, even for