Boy's disappearance remains a mystery

Fate unknown: A photo of You You taken during happier times. A year on, the little boy remains missing and no one knows his whereabouts.

KOTA KINABALU: A year after toddler Low Min You went missing in an alleged carjacking, the whereabouts of the boy or what actually happened prior to his disappearance remains a mystery.

Neither the police nor the three-year-old's family could give an answer as to where the boy is, whether he was still alive or the circumstances leading to his disappearance.

Low, who is known as You You among his family, was reported missing by his father, Yee Sheng on May 9 last year claiming that his four-wheel drive vehicle, where his son was purportedly sleeping in, was stolen when he stopped outside a petrol kiosk at Kampung Air in the city to use the toilet at 5.50am that day.

The vehicle was later found abandoned about 2.5km away but the boy was not in it.

However, police later found out that the father had lied and suspected that You You had gone missing at least a day earlier.

Yee Sheng and his wife, Siou Yee as well as their then five-year-old daughter were among the 20 over people subsequently taken to the police station for investigations.

Still, police hit a dead end.

Strangely, You You's relatives who used to voice their concern and sadness over the disappearance through social networks especially Facebook, had pulled back from posting anything online less than two months after the incident.

City police chief Assist Comm M. Chandra said the investigation was still going on.

"We are still pursuing this case. There are certain things we are trying to get but I cannot reveal it," he said yesterday.