BT brings you an all-new Weekend magazine

BT Weekend magazine gets a brand-new design and refreshed content starting this week.

Kicking off our revamped issue is a profile of property developer Kishin RK who talks about his plans to develop Robertson Quay.

Elsewhere: top chefs turn vegetables into haute cuisine; see gorillas up close in Uganda; find the right investment handbag and rediscover historic landmarks in Singapore.

This week, the main paper's Brunch feature looks at how a shortage of coffee looms, thanks to climate change, unfair trading practices and booming demand.

In "family-friendly" workplaces, no one bats an eyelid when a working parent leaves the office on the dot to pick up their kids. But a single woman leaving on time to go on a date? How audacious. Cubicle Files opens a can of worms to find out how single workers can have work-life balance too.

In this week's Sass and the City, we imagine how inhabitants of Yes Man's Land would react to box-office hit, Wonder Woman, while Disrupted finds a new friend and listening ear in Woebot, a chatbot therapist on Facebook.

Music to My Ears caps off the issue with a review of guitarist Dominic Miller's Silent Light album.

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