Building on change in BT Weekend

Building on change in BT Weekend

DESIGN and architecture aren't always about creating good-looking buildings or spaces. They can also be agents of social change. Read about the projects that are transforming rural communities in Japan and Malaysia in The Business Times' Weekend magazine tomorrow.

Back here in Singapore, find out how a French architect helped a couple to overcome building obstacles and gave them the home of their dreams on a plot of land off Holland Road.

Female chefs are still a rarity here, but that could change soon. Weekend Food takes a look at a small, but steadily growing, group of women chefs in Singapore.

In the main paper, this week's Brunch feature looks at how Singapore's golfing community is reaching out to younger players in a bid to bring new life to the sport.

In this week's Gearhead column, find out how Sony's new noise-cancelling headphones can help save your sanity.

Also, talk about buying just about anything online - the Offbeat column looks at how you can test your boyfriend's loyalty using a service offered on Taobao.

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