Bukit Gombak Stadium to be assembly centre for SDP on polling day

SINGAPORE - Bukit Gombak Stadium will be the official assembly centre for the counting night of Saturday's (May 7) by-election, according to the Singapore Police Force (SPF). 

The candidate, supporters of Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and other members of public may gather there to wait for the announcement of the by-election result.

Bukit Gombak Stadium will be opened tomorrow from 8pm until 30 minutes after the announcement of the result.

Any other public gathering of supporters at indoor or outdoor locations without a permit may constitute an offence of unlawful assembly, according to SPF, which will not hesitate to take necessary action to maintain law and order.

SPF seeks the co-operation of supporters and members of public to assemble at and disperse from the stadium in an orderly manner.

In addition, the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones at the stadium is prohibited for public safety reasons.