Businessman fined $10k for failing to bring dog for treatment

SINGAPORE - A businessman was handed the maximum fine of $10,000 on Thursday for failing to bring his severely emaciated dog to a veterinarian for treatment.

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Here is a press statement from Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA):

A man was sentenced to a fine of $10,000 for committing animal cruelty in court today. This is the first time the maximum fine has been imposed by the court for animal cruelty.

The man had brought the dead dog to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) on 17 May 2013 for disposal. Upon examination by the SPCA veterinarian, the dog carcase was found to be severely emaciated and appeared to have been chronically starved or malnourished, possibly for months, before its death.

The dog carcase was subsequently sent to AVA's laboratory for necropsy post-mortem examination which found that the dog was in exceedingly emaciated body condition with consequent multi-organ dysfunction.

AVA's investigation revealed that the man had adopted the dog 7 years ago when the dog was 1 year old and it had been looked after by the man's domestic helper since her employment about a year ago. She claimed that she fed the dog with dry food twice daily and had informed the man a bout the dog becoming very thin a month before the dog's death. However, the man did not bring the dog to the veterinarian as he was busy. She informed the man's wife again when the dog stopped eating on 16 May 2013. The man's wife said she will ask the man to bring it to the veterinarian the next day, but the dog died the next day.

AVA would like to remind pet owners to be responsible and committed to caring for their pets for life. We investigate all feedback on animal cruelty and will take action against anyone who has committed an act of animal cruelty. Anyone charged in court and found guilty of animal cruelty can be fined up to $10,000 and/or jailed up to 12 months. Members of the public who witness any suspected acts of animal cruelty can contact AVA at 1800 476 1600.