Buying TNP daily makes this family a winner

Ms Teng Gek Eng.

SINGAPORE - She has become the third person to win an Xbox in The New Paper Bonus Challenge since it started on Aug 5.

Ms Teng Gek Eng won an Xbox360 on Sunday.

Said the elated 46-year-old, who never expected to win: "My mum, who is in her 70s helped to do the matching. My family buys The New Paper because my younger brother reads it every day. We don't have a special strategy, we just buy the paper every day.

"Hopefully, his kids will be able to play with the game console."



To take part in the contest, pick up a TNP Bonus Challenge Card with every Monday's edition of TNP.

Check the numbers on the card against the six numbers published each day from Tuesday to Sunday.

If you match a vertical column of numbers, go to the collection centre at Level 2 of the *Scape mall atrium with the newspaper clippings of the numbers and your Challenge Card.

There, verbally answer the question found at the bottom of the vertical column.

You must claim your prize on the same day you complete the vertical column or it will be forfeited.

A daily prize of $1,000 (which snowballs if there are no winners), an iPad Mini or an Xbox Kinect can be won till Sept 8.

From Sept 9 to Oct 3, there will be $500 to be won daily.

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