Call to review laws against errant cyclists

SINGAPORE - Ms Lee Bee Wah (Nee Soon GRC) on Tuesday disagreed with Senior Minister of State for Home Affairs Masagos Zulkifli that the existing avenues of redress for pedestrians injured by cyclists are enough.

Those injured now can take out a civil suit, make an insurance claim, go for mediation or settle privately. That is enough, Mr Masagos said.

But Ms Lee wants more: "Can the ministry review the legal framework in such a way that the errant cyclist who causes injuries be prosecuted without going through a civil suit?"

She also wants it to be made compulsory for cyclists to be insured so that those they injure can make claims against them.

Ms Lee also feels there is under-reporting of accidents between cyclists and pedestrians. On average, there were 10 such accidents each year between 2011 and last year. But she said: "I am sure the number at the ground is much higher than that because I have been receiving feedback very regularly."

Replying, Mr Masagos said civil suits are for claiming damages, whereas prosecution is for the act itself. As for mandatory cyclist insurance, it is under the purview of the Land Transport Authority, he said.

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