Canadian found guilty of webcam murder

Canadian found guilty of webcam murder

TORONTO, Canada - The case in Canada had all the makings of a Hollywood thriller.

Brian Dickson is found guilty of murdering a Chinese student, witnessed by her boyfriend on webcam. Dickson's lawyers said he did not mean to kill Qian Liu.

Robert Nuttall, Brian Dickson's attorney said: "The jury struggled with it. The case hung on the mechanism of death. The jury struggled with it. The jury made their decision and they made their decision of first degree murder."

Qian Liu's father and mother attended the trial in Toronto, the grief etched on their faces.

Liu and her boyfriend in China had been chatting on webcam in the early hours on April 15, 2011, when a man knocked on the door asking to use her mobile phone. She let him into this basement flat and a struggle ensued for several minutes, as her boyfriend watched helplessly. Liu was found dead half naked.

Blood on Dickson's T-shirt was matched to Liu. He was sentenced to life in prison.

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