Cancer-stricken man finally receives full donation amount

After a two-month wait, it has all come in.

On Wednesday, The New Paper reported about how cancer-stricken Goh Hoon Tiong had received only $5,000 of the $36,000 raised by business consultant Martin Lim through crowdfunding campaigns.

But yesterday, the relieved and grateful father of three told TNPS that he has received all the money.

In an interview punctuated by repeated coughing, Mr Goh, 44, said softly: "I am thankful for everyone who donated to help us.

"I am especially grateful that through TNP's report, it helped me get the much-needed money."

Mr Goh said Mr Lim had contacted him to confirm his address and bank account number.

"I was shocked to actually hear from him. I called him before but he didn't pick up. So I couldn't believe it when I saw his number on my phone," said Mr Goh.

"But now, it is not important if he did not answer my call all those times."

An hour later, Mr Goh got a text message to "go ahead and check" his bank account.

He then went to a nearby ATM and confirmed that he has received the remaining $29,500. 


Mr Goh returned to his one-room rental flat at North Bridge Road to find Mr Lim waiting inside. Mr Goh's mother had let Mr Lim in.

Mr Goh recounted: "He called me 'brother' and wished me all the best.

"I thanked him in return since it meant I don't have to worry so much now."

Mr Lim, 44, told TNPS that he was happy the matter has been resolved.

He said: "I messed up by being tardy but it's settled, so I'm relieved."

Mr Goh's cancer treatment has left him too weak to work. He has to depend on his mother's daily visits to provide food for him and his three children, aged seven, 10 and 13.

The money raised will be used to defray the cost of his treatment, as well as to provide for the groceries and school materials that his children need.

Mr Goh's eldest son, Huynh Khang Minh, is also thankful that his father has received the money.

He said: "We were all so confused. It also affected my father's mood.

"I was worried it would make him even more sick. But it is all well now and I pray that my father's condition improves."

This article was first published on Jan 3, 2015.
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