Car found in Eunos, search on for Kovan killer

Car found in Eunos, search on for Kovan killer
A silver Toyota Camry being towed away from Block 1084, Eunos Avenue 7A on 11 July 2013.

SINGAPORE - A dispute, possibly over money matters, may have led to Wednesday's gruesome double murder in Kovan.

At press time last Thursday night, no arrests were made for the deaths of Mr Tan Boon Sin, 67, and his elder son, Mr Tan Chee Heong, 42.

But the car which dragged the younger man from his father's terrace house at Hillside Drive to Kovan MRT station was located in Eunos on Thursday.

The elder Tan, a car workshop owner and fishing enthusiast,was found dead at his home on Wednesday. His son was the director and a shareholder of Aspern Singapore, an electronics products company. Sources told The Straits Times the crime was linked to a dispute, while Chinese evening daily Shin Min reported it was because of money matters.

But friends, employees and neighbours described the older man as kind, happy and jovial - a businessman who did well for himself and did not seem to have any financial problems.

Said former business partner Chong Hoy Song, 58, who set up Soc Leon Motor Works with Mr Tan and has known him since 1965 when they were both working as mechanics: "In all the years I've known him, I've never heard him mention any problems with his family. On the business side, there was no hint of any financial trouble either."

Workers at the car workshop said the elder Tan left just after 1pm on Wednesday, a few hours before he was murdered.

Family members, including Mr Tan's younger son and daughter, were at the Singapore General Hospital mortuary yesterday to identify the bodies. They were later seen at the Hillside Drive home with packed bags, and asked for privacy.

There is no word yet on the identity of the suspect, but yesterday's major breakthrough was the discovery of the silver Toyota Camry with the licence number SGM 14J.

This was the vehicle which had dragged the younger man for over 1km.

It was found parked outside Block 1084, Eunos Avenue 7A - just a kilometre away from where the elder Mr Tan's workshop was formerly located.

Mr Francis Yeo, a carpenter, called the police at 8.50am on Thursday morning after seeing the car. "There were blood stains on the car, I knew something was wrong," the 47-year-old said.

His boss, Mr Goi Boon Seng, 65, added that there were three plastic bags in the car, although he could not see what was inside.

Other clues may be offered by closed-circuit television cameras around the murder scene, as well as eyewitness accounts by those who were in the area.

Police have classified the case as murder.

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