Caught on camera: Enraged wife sets husband's mistress on fire

YUNNAN, China - An enraged wife splashed kerosene on her husband's mistress and set her aflame, and then tried to kill herself by drinking pesticide.

According to a report by Apply Daily, the incident happened on June 27 at around 9pm, on a street near a teahouse in Kunming.

Video footage from nearby in-car cameras showed the suspect tailing a woman dressed in red while carrying a red bucket.

Not long after, she threw chili powder at the victim, and splashed kerosene on her. The victim was later heard screaming, before collapsing to the ground in flames and dying on the spot.

Shanghaiist reported that rescue workers arrived at the scene to a charred, unidentifiable body.

The suspect was also found foaming at the mouth after drinking pesticide and started slashing at herself with a fruit knife upon police arrival.

She reportedly told them that the victim was her husband's long-time lover and had forced her to divorce him. She had set her on fire out of desperation.

The suspect is currently in critical condition and receiving treatment in an intensive care unit.