Caught on camera: Heated argument between uncles on bus turns into a brawl

SINGAPORE - Two elderly men were seen exchanging blows during a heated argument that turned into a brawl on board a public bus.

The fight was caught on camera and the video has been circulating on Facebook and viral sites like All Singapore Stuff since yesterday.

It is unclear what sparked off the fight.

In the video, the two men are seen sitting side by side on the bus. As one makes a move to alight, the two men suddenly stand up and speaks aggressively.

Phrases like "Eh, let me tell you.." and "I'll whack you!" can be heard among some unintelligible words.

They start to exchange punches while another man tries to pull them away.

Fellow commuters appeared to be extremely annoyed at the situation, with many of them chiming in to ask the two men to stop fighting.

Some called for the doors to be opened, and the two elderly men alighted the bus.

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