Caught on camera: Man shoots friend for dancing too close to girlfriend in club

A jealous boyfriend took out a gun and shot his friend who was dancing with his girlfriend at a busy night club in Peru.

In the video clip, a man was sitting nearby and watching his girlfriend when his male friend started to dance close to her.

Still seated, the jealous man whipped out a gun and shot his friend.

His girlfriend was shocked when blood started appearing on the friend's shirt and he collapsed on the ground.

She did not seem to realise the shooter was her boyfriend.

The other patrons at the club were oblivious to what had happened, probably due to the pounding music and dark lighting.

Another friend, who was sitting across the shooter, went over and took his gun away.

It appeared that he was helping him stow it away.

As the video continued, the other patrons realised what had happened and stopped dancing.

The jealous boyfriend did not seem to care and even walked across his friend's body, and left the scene.

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