Caught on camera: MRT 'samurai' arrested near Bugis MRT station

SINGAPORE - A video showing how Peter Chua, the sword-wielding MRT 'samurai', was apprehended by police on Monday (Dec 16) has surfaced on the internet.

The video clip was uploaded online by Jeremy Emilio, and shows five police officers walking behind Chua before quickening their pace to catch up with him when he started running towards a traffic crossing.

Four officers are then seen surrounding him and taking him into custody.

The officers put him against a wall, where one of them was heard telling him to "face the front". They proceeded to search him.

The video then pans left to a walkway where Chua's sword lay.

Chua, who is a sword-fighting coach, was arrested after he pushed three police officers in the chest and unsheathed his sword on the MRT.

He has since been remanded at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) pending a psychiatric evaluation.

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