Caught on camera: Neighbours lash out at each other over joss sticks

A young couple was involved in a heated argument with their neighbours, who were apparently causing them distress by burning joss sticks.

The man said that his neighbours were burning 'over 30 sticks' per night, which the other couple refuted.

He and his wife also said that their neighbours deliberately chose to burn the joss sticks in the evening when they were home, instead of during the afternoon.

A video of the dispute has been circulating online. Stomp contributor Goldenboy118 saw it on Facebook and alerted Stomp to the incident.

From the video, it appears that this is not the first time both couples have clashed with one another.


Goldenboy118 expressed his opinions over the conflict:

"Why was there no such problem in the olden days but only among the younger generation?

"I think they are too much. If they want to blame someone, blame the lack of a proper airflow design.

"I think we no reason to stop people from praying. If you cannot take it, go buy landed property.

"We are a multi-religion society and we should give space to each other's religion.

"If you have a sensitive nose, you should check your neighbour religion's. Don't buy your house and then want people to stop praying. Or you can get an air purifier.

"How do they survive during the seventh month then, with all those burning and incense.

"I personally don't think we can blame the old couple. The old couple also said that they have stopped burn the kamiyan because of the young couple.

"I think they have already tried their best to minimise the conflict. It is too much if they cannot even burn joss sticks to pray to the earth god."