Caught on camera: Woman steals mobile accessories from Bugis shop

SINGAPORE - A woman who failed to steal from a handphone accessories shop in Bugis went back and stole three items, on Monday (Mar 24) at 4.37pm.

Stomp contributor Adamtwk, the owner of the shop, said that the thief did not succeed on her first attempt at 4pm, and went back awhile later and stole three handphone bumpers which cost $56 in total.

The woman pretended to browse and picked the items with her left hand and transferred them to her right hand which was holding her bag, then she walked down the aisle.

When she turned around, the items were already in her bag. After that, she repeated her actions and left.

Said the Stomp contributor:

"I always do a stock check, and I realised the number of my hotseller items had decreased, so I went to rewind the CCTV footage and found out there was a thief.

"She picked mobile accessories which are quite expensive. I think she will come again.

"Please beware of this woman because she seems to be a professional thief. I hope someone can identify her."

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