Caught on camera: Woman viciously beaten up by neighbour in S'pore

Casey Sabrina Ng, also known as Asha, 41, was ordered to be remanded at the Institute of Mental Health. Her next court date is Oct 14. She is accused of committing both offences at about 10.45am on Saturday at Block 10 at Chai Chee Road. If convicted, she could be jailed for up to seven years and fined.

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SINGAPORE - She was dragged and yanked by her hair, got kicked and stomped on her head repeatedly, and was beaten up with an incense bin and chair.

The victim was Ms Du Xiulan, 65, a housewife, who has been suffering from colon cancer for over 20 years, while the attacker was her neighbour , who sports a tattooed right arm.

Ms Du's 20-minute ordeal was captured by CCTV cameras, showing a tattooed lady assaulting her, and even insulting and resisting arrest when the police came.

This violent incident happened at the lift landing of Blk 10, Chai Chee Road, at approximately 10am on Saturday, Sep 28.

In the aftermath of the unprovoked assault, Ms Du was rushed to Changi General Hospital. Her daughter-in-law, Ms Maggie Goh, contacted the Chinese evening paper, Lianhe Wanbao and showed the assault footage to them at the hospital.

According to Ms Goh, her mother-in-law was returning home from the market when the tattooed neighbour barged out of her house and shoved her. Ms Du immediately retaliated and slapped her neighbour's nose.

"I wanted to leave immediately and not blow matters up. But she became more agitated and started raining blows on me when I tried to loosen her grip on my neck. I tried to escape but she grabbed me and continued her assault," Ms Du said in Chinese.

Ms Du added: "My neighbour had a monstrous look which scared me. I knew I was powerless; I tried shouting for help and begged her to stop, but she ignored my pleas."

"Thereafter, she started stomping on my head and stomach while I lay sprawled on the ground. My face was bloodied and I felt very giddy - I begged for mercy but to no avail. She threatened to kill me as the beatings continued, and warned me not to report this [assault] to the police.

In the footage from the CCTV video, the tattooed neighbour was seen using Ms Du's incense bin as a weapon during the assault. And that was not the end. In her rage, the neighbour yanked Ms Du's hair and dragged her to Ms Du's doorstep, before continuing her brazen attack on her with a chair this time.

"It was only after I heard shouts that the police was coming that she snapped out of her frenzy, and hastily retreated back to her house."

Police have confirmed that a 40-year-old woman has been arrested for assault. Investigations are ongoing.