Caught on camera: Youth on skateboard risks life by clinging onto moving lorry

A skateboarding youth's need for speed took a dangerous turn when he decided to cling onto a moving lorry on a busy road.

The reckless act, captured on a car's dashboard camera, shows the teenager skating along Pasir Ris Drive 3 on Dec 18 at 3.54pm.

As the vehicles came to a halt at the traffic light junction, the youth made his way to the back of the lorry and crouched down to obscure himself from the lorry's rear view mirror.

The traffic light turned green, and off went the lorry, unaware that there was someone 'hitching' a ride at the back. It seemed like everything was going to plan until the lorry came to a stop at the next juntion.

The youth lost his balance and landed on all fours while his skateboard ended up a few metres away. Fortunately, the car that was behind the lorry - and filming the reckless act the entire time - had maintained a safe distance and was able to filter to the adjacent lane early, thus preventing a tragedy from happening.

Appearing unscathed, the boy quickly recovered and grabbed his skateboard, retreating to the pavement for safety.

The video of the incident has garnered over 168,000 views and over 2,800 shares since it was uploaded on Facebook page Beh Chia Lor on Sunday evening.