Caught on video: Motorists alight and stop fight on road near VivoCity

A group of youths were caught on video fighting some men at Sentosa Gateway early Wednesday (Feb 10) morning, near VivoCity.

A video of the incident was shared on's Facebook page.

The post said that the larger group consisted of about 20 people, while the smaller group had three to five men.

In the clip, the youths can be seen charging at the men across the road, while cars travelling on the road had to stop to avoid knocking into them.

As the tussle continued, passers-by rushed help separate the two groups.

According to, three to five men were injured during the fight, and that police arrived at the scene shortly after.

Gang fight along Sentosa Gateway (next to Vivocity). Happened on 10th Feb early morning, conflict between a group of about twenty young Singaporean men and an unknown group of about three to five. The fight resulted in three to five of them knocked unconscious and needed hospitalization. Police arrived and made some arrest and sent those injured to hospital.

Posted by on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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