Caught on video: Skinny Singaporean boys stage their own fight of the century

Videos circulating on social media shows two small-build young men fighting at what looks to be a lift landing of a HDB block.

In the first video, a man holding a cigarette, believed to be the 'referee', first marks out the fighting area before giving the go-ahead to start the fight.

One of the fighters, a young man clad in a black sweater, starts by throwing a punch at the face of his topless opponent.

The topless man retaliates after sustaining a few punches and a choke hold.

The pair continue to exchange blows before one of the men filming alerts them to something, possibly a passing resident. They then move off to a staircase landing to continue.

The second video shows the duo continuing their fight, which becomes more violent as there are fewer passersby.

The man clad in the sweater aggressively punches his opponent before the pair stops for the topless man to remove his contact lens.

After exchanging a few words, the fight continues.

The man in the sweater throws a string of punches at his opponent before locking him in a choke hold once again.

The pair then fall to the ground with the man in the sweater maintaining the choke hold.

The video ends with the topless man lying motionless on the ground.

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