Changi Airport contest phone scam

SINGAPORE - Police have been notified of members of public receiving calls, informing that they had won return air tickets to Japan in a contest organised by Changi Airport in 2012.

During such calls, the caller also asked the victims for their personal information such as passports details and mailing address on the pretext that it was required in order for them to claim the prize.

Upon providing the information, there would not be any further correspondence.

Changi Airport Group (CAG) has clarified that the content of such calls are not authentic.

For contests organised by CAG, winners will be notified via telephone and email, followed by an official letter sent to them for their acknowledgement.

When in doubt, members of the public can call Changi Airport's Customer Hotline at 6595 6868 to verify.

The police advise the public to be wary of such phone calls and adopt the following crime prevention measures:

a) Do not disclose your personal particulars such as name, NRIC number, residential address and contact details to unknown individuals; and

b) Lodge a Police report via the Electronic Police Centre (ePC) at or at any Neighbourhood Police Centre/Post if you receive any call of such nature, or dial '999' for urgent Police assistance.