Circles.Life may have just pulled off the publicity stunt of the year

It started with a tipoff sent to our team's email address on Monday.

Photo: Vulcan Post

Titled "youtiao girls vandalise SGmobile ad at Bugis MRT", the video showed the two girls from Youtiao666 using spray-paint to scribble on a large ad, which, from what we could make out, was for an up-and-coming telco, SGMobile, which was offering 3GB of data for $40.

Pretty odd, because there hasn't been news of any new telcos after the not-so-recent announcement of 4th telco TPG Telecom joining the party.

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A thread on local forum Hardwarezone also posted these "behind-the-scenes" screenshots from the girls' Instagram Stories:

Fast forward to yesterday, and our colleague spotted ads for the same telco (and the graffiti) at Raffles Place MRT:

This time, more of the new telco's plans were revealed (and of course, dissed), and we couldn't help but realise they were eerily similar to what current telcos have currently.

"Additional data usage will be charged at $10 per gb", "Applicable only with a 24 month contract" - familiar, much?

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But it was after we saw this post on Circles.Life's Facebook page about the announcement of their "$20 for 20GB data" add-on, that everything became clear:

We heard you want more data! (Especially Youtiao666.) Grab the largest no-contract data plan ever and...

Posted by Circles.Life on Monday, March 6, 2017

To confirm our suspicions, we paid a visit to the SGMobile website, and this is what we found:

Engaging social media personalities/influencers and pulling off such a gutsy publicity stunt isn't common at all in Singapore, and many brands tend to stick to safer (read: overdone) ways of creating hype.

So it's honestly pretty refreshing to see Circles.Life not only disrupting the telco scene, but the advertising one as well.

Great one, Circles.Life.

Check out our coverage of their brand new plan here.

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