City Harvest Church trial: Leaders accused of hiding ties with Xtron

SINGAPORE - In a set of e-mail messages in 2008, Wee told church founder Kong Hee, Tan and Chew that she had received advice from a fellow church member: "We can talk about Xtron to the members in the (extraordinary general meeting) but don't minute down everything. Just minute down necessary portions so as to not show too close a relationship or control over Xtron."

City Harvest Church trial: Singer Ho Yeow Sun received over $500,000 in bonuses, advances
By Melody Zaccheus

But to divert attention from some of these extra takings, leaders of City Harvest Church allegedly doctored documents to show that sponsors had given the money to her as "personal gifts".

Updated as at 5.54pm: Xtron and church allegedly conspired to cover up misuse of church funds

The State questioned Xtron director Choong Kar Weng on a series of Xtron financial transactions in 2009 that they believe was part of the cover-up. Then, the church had given Xtron about $15 million as part of an eight-year rental agreement. Less than a month later, Xtron invested about $11.5 million in bonds issued by Firna, the other company accused of helping with the cover-up.

Accused Serina Wee handled Xtron's accounts as church employee

Serina Wee was handling music firm Xtron Productions' accounts and finances even when she was an employee of City Harvest Church, the state sought to show on Tuesday.

First witness called is Xtron director and long-time church member

Mr Choong Kar Weng, a Malaysian citizen and Singapore PR, said he was invited to take up the Xtron directorship by Kong, even though the megachurch founder did not hold any appointments in the company.

6 accused arrive in court

City Harvest church founder Kong Hee entered the Subordinate Courts on Monday morning hand in hand with pop-singer wife Ho Yeow Sun, on the first day of the resumed trial into his and five other church leaders' alleged multi-million dollar misuse of church funds.

Early morning queue outside Sub Courts for City Harvest trial

By 7am on Monday, a steadily growing queue of more than 50 people had formed. The earliest of the arrivals had come at about 4am. They stood or sat quietly in groups of two and three, some reading up on previous media reports.

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