City Harvest trial: Church gives direction to Xtron, says Wahju

Indonesian businessman Mr Wahju Hanafi, former Xtron director and owner of Firna and Ultimate Assets, who allegedly played the roles of both donor and recipient of City Harvest Church (CHC) funds. Mr Hanafi helped financed pastor-singer Ho Yeow Sun's music career said City Harvest Church leaders provided the "vision" for a firm accused of helping them to misuse church funds.

Mr Wahju Hanafi was the director of production company Xtron Productions, which managed Ms Ho from 2003 to 2008. He said in court of Xtron: "The vision comes from the church... They might tell us, what is their plan, when is the next concert (for Ms Ho), and then we see if we have enough finances to do what they want to do. Xtron is basically just like a financier."

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