City Harvest trial: Kong Hee offered to step down to minimise conflict of interest

City Harvest founder Kong Hee and his wife Ms Ho Yeow Sun arrive at the court. Kong Hee was once so concerned about the possibly bringing harm to the church that he offered to step down from its management board, said defence lawyers on Tuesday, Sept 17, 2013, during an ongoing criminal trial into him and five of his deputies.

SINGAPORE - Kong Hee expressed his concerns about a year before a series of investments were made, which the State believes were shams meant to funnel church funds illegally to wife, Ms Ho Yeow Sun's career.

He asked auditor Foong Daw Ching in an email in 2006, whether Ms Ho receiving a salary from church-linked firm Xtron Productions would pose a problem.

Xtron was managing Ms Ho's music career at the time.

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