Clarke Quay partygoers slashed

Two friends were slashed after a night of partying at Clarke Quay on Tuesday.

One ended up with a 4cm-deep knife wound to his neck and the other was slashed on her left arm.

Speaking to The New Paper, the pair said they had just left Rumours, a Tamil-music club at Clarke Quay, which opens from 10pm till 6am.

It was 5.45am on Tuesday and they noticed a group of men in a scuffle. Then one of the men broke free and started running towards Mr Andrew (not his real name).

He and his friends didn't want to be identified for fear of reprisals.

Mr Andrew, 22, claimed that he and his friends tried to steer clear of the scuffle.

But the man allegedly attacked them with a knife. It happened so quickly, Mr Andrew said he had no time to react.

A reader had alerted The New Paper to the incident, saying one of the victims was a woman. Mr Andrew said the female victim was his friend.

Ms Tiffany (not her real name), in her early 20s, was slashed on her left arm and required an emergency operation to stitch up a gaping wound.

TNP tracked down the two victims to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and they agreed to speak, to remind revellers to stay alert after a night of drinking.

Recalling the incident after his operation, Mr Andrew, a full-time national serviceman, claimed: "There were at least five of them standing together and shouting.

"As my friend and I walked by, the man who was being beaten up suddenly came at us with something like a knife."

Mr Andrew was with Ms Tiffany, his younger brother and a few other male friends, and they had been drinking at Rumours.

Speaking to TNP after being discharged from the hospital yesterday, Ms Tiffany claimed they did not provoke the attack.


Mr Andrew also said the men sounded drunk. "I know because they were slurring and their bodies were swaying about," he said.

He added that his friends and brother had escaped the attack as they were walking a distance behind him and Ms Tiffany.

She said: "Everything happened very fast. We had a few drinks and we were tipsy.

"I didn't even know why we were attacked or what weapon was used to hurt me."

The TNP reader who called our hotline said the attacker fled in a taxi.

An ambulance took Mr Andrew and Ms Tiffany to SGH.

Mr Andrew, who goes to Rumours at least once a month, claimed fights near the club and in Clarke Quay are common.

But he said he has always made it a point not to get involved.

He said: "It was shocking. I don't think I did anything to provoke them.

"I am quite angry because my friend got attacked as well. She's a girl, and she got slashed. Her injuries are quite bad."

Ms Tiffany said she went for an hour-long operation and doctors stitched up her wound.

Although her left arm was heavily bandaged and wrapped in a sling, she said: "It doesn't hurt that badly now."

She added that she had not visited Rumours for a long time before that night.

When contacted, a woman who identified herself as the owner of Rumours said the incident did not happen on the club's premises.

Police have classified the incident as voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous means and are investigating. No one has been arrest yet, a police spokesman said.

This article was published on May 16 in The New Paper.

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