Closing lift doors trap leash, hangs dog

Closing lift doors trap leash, hangs dog

SINGAPORE- A dog choked to death yesterday when its leash was caught in the doors of an ascending lift.

A picture of the dead dog hanging at the lift lobby was posted on Stomp yesterday by lift-rescue worker Victor Ng. He said he was summoned to Block 621 in Bukit Batok at 6.30am yesterday to free the dog.

He told MyPaper that the lift doors had closed on the dog's leash while the animal was outside the lift. The lift then moved up and stopped at the third level, trapping the dog walker inside and hanging the dog at the lift doors on the ground floor. Both were eventually freed, but the dog did not survive.

It is not clear how the leash got caught. Mr Ng claimed the dog had been about to enter the lift, while residents said it entered but dashed out just before the doors closed.

Residents said the owner, who is in her mid-40s, lived alone with the dog, said to be named Harbour, in a 27th-floor flat. She was not in when MyPaper visited.

A neighbour called Mrs Tan said the owner's relatives, who live nearby, walked the 12-year-old dog thrice a day, as the owner is often busy at work. She said the relative who was walking the dog yesterday was very upset by the incident.

Some dog owners are spooked. Said Mr Alex Ho, 62, who has a small dog: "It's very scary. I'm going to be more careful with my dog every time I get into a lift."

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