Club workers: They were causing trouble

SINGAPORE - The six Korean men who were attacked outside Rendezvous Hotel last Friday had been behaving rowdily and causing trouble before the incident, employees of the club said.

Two Club Password workers told The New Paper that the group of Korean men had been blocking the exit of the club, stopping patrons from leaving and shoving some of them.

The supervisor of the club, Mr Dennis Tan, 31, said it all started when the group of Korean men blocked the pathway and did not give way to customers who were trying to leave as the club was closing.

This was at around 3.50am, said a regular deejay at the club, who wanted to be known only as Mr Low, 33.

Mr Tan said: "They were speaking in Korean and sounded very rude and angry."


The Korean men started shoving other customers and security had to step in to stop both groups from rushing at each other.

After five minutes, some of the Korean men decided to make peace. They apologised to the other group. But one of the Korean men got onto one of the chairs in the club and continued to shout, until one of his friends pulled him down.

Mr Tan said that before any arguments started again, security staff threw the Korean group out of the club.

The whole incident, which was recorded on CCTV, left some security staff with minor injuries.

Mr Low said the Korean men were behaving very aggressively and causing a nuisance.

Mr Low said: "When the security escorted them out of the club, they (the Korean men) were kicking and punching them. The club was already closing, but they were still trying to get back in."

He also said they closed the club when one of the security staff suddenly returned and told them there was a fight downstairs.

Neither Mr Low nor Mr Tan can confirm whether the Korean men were attacked by the same group that they were arguing with at the club.

Both of them also claimed that there were no female performers at the club that night.


One of the three Korean men who was in hospital had earlier told The New Paper that one of the performers had taken an interest in his friend.

Shin Min Daily News had also reported that the fight had started because a performer had hugged one of the Koreans.

The Koreans' injuries included a fractured skull, a torn ear and lip, and bruises.

A police spokesman had earlier told TNP that they received a call at 4.43am and that when they arrived at the scene, a case of rioting had occurred.

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