CNB objects to cannabis promotion website; MDA orders its removal by Wednesday

The owners of a website with information on what they claim to be "productive uses of cannabis in Singaporean society" have been told to remove the contents entirely after an assessment by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB).

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Here is the press release from CNB in full:

In response to media queries, CNB confirms that CNB had assessed the Singapore Cannabis Awareness website to be objectionable. The Media Development Authority (MDA) has directed the site owners to remove the website contents in their entirety by 19 February 2014.

The website contains material that promotes or tends to promote the use of a prohibited substance.

The website undermines Singapore's efforts in drug preventive education and erodes our society's resilience against drug abuse.

Singaporeans enjoy a safe and secure environment because of our firm stance against drugs and crime, and central to this is our "zero-tolerance" approach against the drug menace.

First-timers, and young persons in particular, can be misled into believing that such "gateway drugs" are acceptable, and be subsequently drawn into using even more dangerous drugs resulting in lifelong addiction.

Drug abuse and addiction harms not only the abusers, but also leads to serious downstream problems for their families and loved ones.

The website also makes claims about the purported benefits of "medical cannabis". There have not been sufficient properly conducted and validated clinical trials to show that the purported benefits of this drug outweigh its risks.

If anyone has such validated evidence, and wants to advocate for its medical use, they should submit the scientific evidence to the appropriate health authorities who are in the best position to make a proper medical and scientific assessment, instead of promoting the use of a prohibited substance to the public.