Common misconceptions

A photo taken in 2013 which shows Cat Welfare Society president Veron Lau documenting the cats at a makeshift shelter.

Common Misconceptions on Cat-Related Issues

1. Cats cannot be kept indoors all the time and need to roam

Ms Angela Ling said sterilised cats would be happy to stay at home.

"After cats are sterilised, they no longer need to go outside to find a mate. They will also become more sedentary," she explained.

Under HDB rules, cats cannot be kept as pets because it is thought that they are generally difficult to keep within the flat premises.

This results in cats becoming a nuisance by, for example, shedding fur, defecating and urinating in public areas and caterwauling.

The Cat Welfare Society also advises cat owners to keep their pets strictly indoors by meshing their windows and doors.

Cat-Feeding is Illegal

Cat-feeding is not illegal, but if the food is not cleared after feeding, it could be considered littering, said Ms Ling.

Food should not be placed directly on the floor but in paper plates, bowls or newspapers. It should also be placed in areas with low human traffic.

Ms Ling said: "Cats should only be fed downstairs and not lured upstairs. A common complaint is cats that defecate and urinate along common corridors after they are fed upstairs."

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