Commuter injured by sharp metal objects stuck into SBS bus seat

A woman who boarded SBS bus service 240 was poked by four metal objects that had apparently been inserted into a seat.

Facebook user Deonne Tan shared how she had been on the bus with her sister on Oct 30 when the incident occurred.

Upon placing her right hand on the seat beside her for support while she was alighting from the bus, Tan immediately "felt a sharp pain" and saw that her hand was "starting to bleed".

She wrote: "I took a closer look at the seat and realised that someone had intentionally inserted 4 metal (needles?/staples?) into the seat, so deeply embedded that they could not be easily seen if not paying extra close attention, just like myself."

Stomp has contacted SBS Transit for comment.

A similar incident took place earlier in July this year, when Facebook user Shervella Wong found toothpicks sticking out of a seat on SBS bus service number 123M.

Lim Lye Seng, 60, was subsequently arrested and charged with four counts of mischief that caused over $1,300 in damage.