Commuters amused by sight of strange dances on the MRT

Dancing on the train seems to have become an increasingly common sight in Singapore, with two such incidents sighted over the past week.

In a video uploaded on Facebook page All Singapore Stuff, a girl was seen dancing on a crowded train.

The girl, decked out in black and wearing earphones, begins her routine by moving her hands up and down.

She then continues the dance by bending backwards and shaking her body.

The girl even goes on to thrust her hips forward and backwards and ends her routine by hopping on one leg and shuffling.

In the other video circulating on Facebook, a man and a woman - both dressed in yellow - break out into a sudden dance on board a MRT train going towards Yew Tee.

Their amusing performance is even accompanied by music, which they both gyrate to. The girl is also holding a yellow signboard.

It is not known if the incident was part of a publicity stunt, but it is certainly an effective one should that be the case, as the video has already garnered over 1,000 shares on the social media site.

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