Complaints over Pink Dot campaign poster at Singapore mall

Pink Dot, an annual event in support of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community in Singapore which started in 2009, has seen its movement grow over the years.

Its journey, however, has been dotted with controversy and backlash from various groups of Singaporeans.

This year, the latest controversy comes in the form of a post found on the Facebook page "We are against Pinkdot in Singapore".

The original photo, posted by Hana Akari, depicts a Pink Dot campaign poster along one of the escalators in Cineleisure Orchard, along with the caption "Can anyone guess which mall is this? I really want to know."

Photo: We are against Pinkdot in Singapore/Facebook

Uploaded only yesterday evening, the post has since garnered over 50 comments with the majority of them voicing their displeasure over the depicted poster in a shopping mall.

Some users expressed disbelief at how such an action could be allowed.

Photo: We are against Pinkdot in Singapore/Facebook

Many also called for police action to be taken.

Photo: We are against Pinkdot in Singapore/Facebook

Some even stated that they were planning to boycott the shopping mall entirely.

Photo: We are against Pinkdot in Singapore/Facebook

When contacted, AsiaOne understands that organisers are allowed to promote the event in public as long as they have the license to do so.

In a report, a Cathay spokesperson said that as an entertainment company, it has always believed in an all-inclusive society where there is a place for everyone to call home.

"This is and has always been in line with our mission of bringing people together. We hope to inspire people to embrace the values of equality where one can live and love freely," said the spokesperson.