Conditions for loan of AVA traps

When approached by residents troubled by animals straying into their premises and causing nuisance, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) offers them advice on keeping the animals away ("AVA traps used for pets?" by Madam Annie Lin; February 24).

The AVA also loans out cage traps if residents request them. Residents who borrow a trap from the AVA are subject to conditions - traps can be used only within their premises; food, water and shelter must be provided to any trapped animal; and the AVA should be notified immediately to collect it.

Impounded animals are checked upon arrival at the AVA to ensure they are in satisfactory condition.

We also look for signs of ownership (for example, collar, microchip, tipped ears) and will make attempts to trace their owners through various means (for example, our records, classified ads, working with animal welfare groups) in the hope of reuniting them.

Madam Lin mentioned she had lost her pet cat on Feb 18. The AVA received her calls on her lost pet on Feb 18 and 19.

Subsequently, when we received a cat similar in description to her pet on Feb 19, we informed Madam Lin, who collected her cat on the same day. We also advised her to keep her pet at home.

The AVA urges pet owners to be responsible and considerate by keeping their pets indoors.

Allowing pets to roam can create nuisance in the neighbourhood and may result in injuries to the animal (for example, those sustained during fights with other stray animals, or in road accidents), or the pet catching a disease.

Wong Hon Mun (Dr)

Group Director, Agri Establishment Regulation Group

Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority

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