Conned by 'rich' lover

PHOTO: The Straits Times

A WOMAN'S desire to marry a rich and handsome boyfriend backfired when she was scammed of more than 40,000 yuan (RM26,600 or S$8,790), Guang Ming Daily reported.

Zhang, who was born in the 1980s, got to know the "boyfriend" in Jiangsu province, China, via Internet a year ago, it said.

The odd-job worker, known as Li and in his 30s, introduced himself as a highly-paid professional in a construction company when he first met Zhang.

As Li acted generously in the beginning, Zhang did not suspect him of being a conman when he started to borrow money from her.

She got suspicious only when Li borrowed money from her for medical fees for his mother who he claimed was involved in a car accident.

When Zhang wanted to visit his mother, Li went into hiding and later admitted to Zhang that he had lied to her.

Zhang lodged a police report. Initial investigations showed that Li was married with a daughter and had conned three other women over the past three years.

He has been detained for further investigations.