Consensual sex claim 'simply incredible'

The prosecution yesterday rubbished the claim of a storeman on trial for the alleged rape and robbery of a woman in his car on the Kallang Bahru bridge.

Haliffie Mamat, 24, claimed he had consensual sex with the 34-year-old woman and that she cried rape to frame him because she "felt cheated".

He had offered her a lift near Clarke Quay in the early morning of May 3, 2013, and allegedly raped her in his car before kicking her out and robbing her of her branded handbag.

Taking the stand yesterday, Haliffie maintained that she willingly had sex with him in his car and made up the rape allegation.

But Deputy Public Prosecutor S. Sellakumaran said the claim was "simply incredible".

Noting that the woman was bleeding when she got into a taxi after she was ejected from Haliffie's car, he questioned if she had time to think up a story to get back at him.

"The mumbling and crying, it was all an act?" asked the DPP. "It could be," Haliffie replied.

The DPP pointed out that for the woman to frame Haliffie, she would have to identify her assailant, but she was not even able to give the police a name, the colour and make of his car or the location of the rape.

"That is why she went to the police, to ask the police to help her find me," Haliffie replied.

The DPP then listed what the woman had gone through after reporting the rape.

In the hours after the alleged rape, she was examined at two hospitals, had a blood sample drawn, photographs taken of her injuries, and was taken for a drive around town in an attempt to trace Haliffie's route.

The next day, she gave police more details; a month later, she was seen by a psychiatrist; and in the current trial, was cross-examined by the defence for 11/2 days when she took the stand.

"All these she had done because she wanted to get back at you?" asked the DPP.

Yes, Haliffie replied.

The DPP also tried to poke holes in Haliffie's story, including his claim that they chatted in his car and she told him her name and other personal information.

The woman denied having a conversation with him and said she dozed off in the car.

The DPP contended that Haliffie found out her particulars from her identity card which was in her bag and by accessing her text chats and Facebook posts on her mobile phone. Haliffie said the IC was not in her bag and that he had switched the phone off.

The DPP also pointed to Haliffie's first statement to the police in which he admitted that he had made a mistake, pleaded for a light sentence and wanted to apologise.

Yesterday, Haliffie said he was referring to the robbery.

But the DPP noted that he had made the statement after he was told twice that he was being charged with rape. Why did he not just say the sex was consensual, asked the DPP. Haliffie replied that he did not know.

Earlier, Haliffie's lawyers, Mr Lionel Leo and Mr Joel Chng, submitted that the woman's testimony was unreliable and she could have been hurt when she fell out of the car.

Both sides will present closing arguments on Monday.

This article was first published on May 23, 2015.
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