Contest about beauty or buying tables

Finalists for the Miss World Singapore 2013 title posing for a picture together.

SINGAPORE - After reading about how the Miss World Singapore finalists were pressured to buy tables, ("Fair/unfair", The New Paper, July 16) I find it absurd that the organisers do this in the name of charity.

It gives the contestants whose family and friends can afford to buy tables an advantage.

Contestants at pageants are not all born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

I was reminded of the time I took part in a pageant for married women years ago.

The organiser asked me how many tables I had bought and when I told her I had bought seats for four persons, she didn't seem too happy and wanted to know why it was not a complete table.

I simply ignored her. I joined for the fun of it and to meet other people, not to waste money on buying tables.

If I need to do something for charity, I would rather it is on my own and not because I am forced into it to increase my chances of winning a beauty contest.

Friends of mine have joined other pageants and they too had the same experience.

It's all about buying tickets.

The tickets for Miss World Singapore are also priced too high and contestants may not be able to afford it unless they're rich.

The contestants should be fairly judged on the usual criteria of poise, confidence, beauty and how they carry themselves and answer questions. Beauty contests should be about who your are and your talent, not about money-making.

-Rosalind David

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